Nutrition Services Overview

Living well is not about guilt or willpower

It is about making choices that fit your lifestyle. Café Physique will help you find a new approach – not a quick fix or one that tells you exactly what to do without providing tools for how you should do it. We recognize your need for a personalized nutrition program that fits your unique situation and have developed two different, yet complementary, approaches.

Both our Dietary Counseling and Wellness Coaching programs are designed to provide motivation and support in reaching your goals. They will both offer strategies for stress and emotional eating while exploring your relationship with food and your body. With either option, you will identify your barriers to success and learn how to manage them while increasing self-awareness of current behaviors and walk away with greater confidence in making healthy food choices.

Both programs are offered via phone so you can schedule them at a time and place that is convenient for you, and they are also available in person within our Atlanta service area*. Our programs share all of these similarities because we believe these to be keys to success for nearly every individual.

Dietary Consulting

Dietary Counseling is primarily concerned with what you eat, how you eat and when you eat. Nutrient excesses and/or deficiencies are identified, and a large component of this program is education with short-term goal setting. You will typically pay per session or with a package of discounted sessions that may include e-mail contact between sessions. The ultimate goals of the Traditional Dietary Counseling program are enhanced nutritional status and better physical health.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is concerned with nourishment of the whole self. Nutrition is one component of lifestyle that influences and is influenced by all other components (work, relationships, free time etc.) so nutrition is viewed as a piece of the whole, and the focus is on finding optimal balance within all wellness components. You pay by the month, and e-mail contact with your coach between sessions is unlimited. The ultimate goals of Wellness Coaching are improved quality of life and well-being.

Nutrition Options

Fine tune your healthy eating and lifestyle habits AND save time with our virtual options.* Hassle-free and super easy, you can communicate regularly with your dietitian or wellness coach via phone and/or Skype (free online real-time video application). You’ll get the expertise you need to support your goals without ever having to leave your home or office. And don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone that you logged in your pajamas!

Dietary Counseling

These 60-minute sessions include a dietary review, meal planning guidelines and in-depth Q&A. Follow-up sessions identify plans for overcoming potential roadblocks to success and include revised recommendations based on results.
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Dietary Analysis Report (via email)

Ever wonder if you’re eating too many calories or too much fat? If your diet is providing all the vitamins and minerals your body needs for good health? Or perhaps you’re concerned that your diet lacks enough protein and carbohydrate to fuel your exercise training sessions. Our Dietary Analysis Report is an evaluation of how your current eating habits may be affecting personal weight management and health & fitness goals. We will identify deficiencies and over consumption of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and provide guidelines for daily eating based on your goals. This robust report can stand alone or serve as a starting place for discussion with our registered dietitians.
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Wellness Coaching

Pay-by-the-month (2 sessions per month + unlimited email). You will notice changes in your thoughts and behavior after one month, but to initiate lasting lifestyle change a 3-month minimum commitment is suggested.
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BodyGem Metabolism Test (mobile only)

is a handheld device that accurately measures your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) using the amount of oxygen you consume and expel in a 10 minute testing period. RMR is a number that represents the amount of calories you would need to consume daily in order to maintain your current weight, without any activity. Our dietitians will use your RMR as a starting point for providing the most accurate, individualized caloric level for your nutrition goals (i.e. maintenance, weight gain/loss). Do not eat, drink caloric beverages, use nicotine or exercise for at least 3-4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
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* A travel fee may apply to mobile sessions depending on the distance and location.

Café Physique does not promote products and programs that promise permanent results without permanent changes in your lifestyle. Any ad claiming that you can permanently lose weight without lowering the calories you take in and/or increasing your physical activity is selling fantasy and false hope. Furthermore, the use of some commonly marketed products may not be safe.