Healthy ingredient substitution for baking

Healthy ingredient substitution for baking

I hope your New Year’s Resolutions are all going well! Officially, most people have given up by now – the average end date for resolutions falls on January 17th. Hopefully you are still on the wagon, and even if you’ve fallen off – have the courage to hop back on!

Year after year, the list of most popular resolutions always includes either losing weight, eating healthier, or being more active. They are all great goals, but they can be admittedly hard to achieve without a clear plan. We recommend easing into a healthier lifestyle and don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone to take risks. Start with small changes like experimenting with menu planning, and sticking with your healthy shopping lists while at the grocery store. Learn how to cook your favorite meals in a healthier way. In fact, here are some tips on achieving those delicious comfort foods without sacrificing your healthy diet.

In home cooking, and even in most baking recipes, it’s possible to substitute ingredients and end up with the same delicious end product. Healthy ingredient substitution takes practice and experimentation, but once you find a successful alternative, you’ll never have to go back.

The first step you can take is to make simple changes like substituting foods for their all-natural and organic versions. For example: instead of opting for your name brand peanut butter, go for fresh, all-natural peanut butter. It’s available at most health food stores or local co-ops. Use ingredients that are real, with only a few ingredients.

Check out this healthier eating infographic for healthier baking inspiration:

Healthy Recipe Substitutions: Baking

Written by Amber O’Neal

Amber O'Neal

With over 12 years of professional health and wellness experience, Amber is well-respected by her peers in the fitness and nutrition community. In addition to speaking to corporate and community audiences, she is a freelance fitness and nutrition writer and media expert who has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Marie Claire, and Heart & Soul. Her television appearances include CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates as well as the NBC Nightly News.