Personal Training


Mobile personal training sessions conducted at home, workplace, local park, etc.


Product Description

In-home or mobile personal training sessions for one person (one-on-one) or two people simultaneously (partner) – 50 minutes each

In-home personal training offers a safe and effective way for you to reach your fitness goals in a private, non-threatening environment. Whether your schedule prevents you from going to the gym, or you simply enjoy the convenience and comfort of working out at home, Café Physique personal trainers will motivate you with individualized programs and personalized attention.

1 session – Expires 30 days from purchase

5 session package – Expires 60 days from purchase

10 session package – Expires 90 days from purchase

25 session package – Expires 180 days from purchase

50 session package – Expires 12 months from purchase


Written by Amber O’Neal

Amber O'Neal

With over 12 years of professional health and wellness experience, Amber is well-respected by her peers in the fitness and nutrition community. In addition to speaking to corporate and community audiences, she is a freelance fitness and nutrition writer and media expert who has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Marie Claire, and Heart & Soul. Her television appearances include CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates as well as the NBC Nightly News.