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Your health and wellness goals can be reached with help from the right fitness trainer. Many of our clients in the Atlanta, Georgia area have found success with our proven methods, enabling them to become the person they want to be. Reshape your life, your health, and your expectations with the professional fitness trainers at Café Physique.

We are also proud to assist with corporate wellness programs, helping your associates get their most out of their diet and regimen, which will help lower your company’s overall healthcare costs. We also specialize in yoga instruction, prenatal workouts, online nutrition programs, fitness boot camps, partner personal training, and private pilates sessions that Atlanta residents are raving about.

Discuss your nutritional needs, plan a strategy to enable you to succeed in your goals, and boost both your metabolism and confidence! Contact us today to learn more about how Café Physique can help you combat obesity, chronic diseases, high blood pressure, and more!

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Atlanta Fitness & Nutrition Services

Personal Training

In-home personal training offers a safe and effective way for you to reach your fitness goals in a private, non-threatening environment. Whether your schedule prevents you from going to the gym, or you simply enjoy the convenience and comfort of working out at home, Café Physique personal trainers provide individualized programs and personalized attention.

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Yoga & Pilates

Café Physique yoga and Pilates trainers are devoted to creating a fun challenging experience in the most soothing and convenient environment – your own home. We offer a wide variety of yoga techniques and Pilates exercises, providing you an opportunity to refocus and refresh mentally and physically.

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Fitness Camps

We organize Fitness Boot Camps by request. If you’re interested in having a fitness camp in your neighborhood or another location, please contact us with the number of students, proposed location, and desired dates & times.

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Corporate Wellness

Health care costs are taking an excruciating toll on American businesses and their employees, and there’s no question that an enormous portion of health care expenditures are driven by unhealthy lifestyles. Stated mildly, the overall health of the American workforce is not good.

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Prenatal & Postpartum

Our private prenatal, fertility and postnatal yoga sessions allow you to practice at a time that suits you best in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment. Each practice is completely personalized to ensure that you are gently guided in the right direction for your particular needs, body type, fitness level and personal goals.

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Dietary Counseling

Café Physique’s Dietary Counseling program is not about diets, shakes, powders or pills. It’s about looking at your life, with your unique needs, and helping you reach your goals by educating you about proper nutrition. You will receive support in addressing the obstacles blocking you from living the life you desire – one filled with good choices and healthful eating.

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Wellness Coaching

Café Physique’s Wellness Coaching program fosters a collaborative relationship, providing structure and accountability to reach your goals. While working towards your optimal state of well-being, focused expertise and encouragement from your coach will inspire you to develop beyond what you can do alone.

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