About Café Physique

Where Food, Fitness and Fun are a way of life.

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Café Physique is based on the “More or Less Philosophy” – that integrating small changes into everyday life will add up over time and make a huge difference in the way you look and feel. While urging clients to break unhealthy habits by purposefully doing more of some things and less of others, Café Physique is turning the tables on services that used to only be fathomable to wealthy socialites and famous Hollywood stars.


Café Physique ® is an Atlanta-based fitness and nutrition company specializing in private in-home and on-site personal training, yoga and Pilates. Supporting individuals of all fitness levels working towards creating healthier lifestyles, Café Physique also offers customized nutrition services and wellness coaching conducted by registered dietitian nutritionists. Headed by nutrition and fitness expert Amber O’Neal, Café Physique is comprised of a collective of highly trained experts with a broad range of specialties in the fitness & nutrition arenas. All Café Physique programs are designed to meet the healthy lifestyle needs of its clients in the privacy of their own homes or other convenient locations. In addition to its private and personalized training and nutrition services in Atlanta, Café Physique is a national source for fitness and nutrition seminars and workshops.


Café Physique steps up to the plate for those without the benefit of an expensive entourage of top-notch trainers, personal chefs, and daring designers. Convinced that the secrets to becoming a “red-carpet diva” should be available to the masses even when dirty laundry, crying babies, and tight budgets run rampant, the staff of certified personal trainers and registered dietitian nutritionists at Café Physique helps ordinary people reach their fitness and nutrition goals by developing and implementing realistic and actionable healthy lifestyle plans.


In 2006, Café Physique was born out of Amber O’Neal’s desire to offer a 360° approach to fitness. Convinced that for the ordinary person, progress would not be permanent without habit-altering lifestyle changes; Amber designed a company that offers full lifestyle management in the form of fitness training, nutrition coaching, weight loss management, and corporate/community educational services.


Amber O’Neal is Café Physique’s founder. With over a decade of professional fitness & nutrition experience and a passion for healthy living, Amber is a well-respected expert who hosts popular seminars and conducts workshops for diverse audiences. A registered dietitian nutritionist and certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise (ACE), Amber is also a freelance fitness and nutrition writer who has been featured in newspapers, websites, national television and national magazines such as Marie Claire and Heart & Soul.