Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness

Our private prenatal, fertility and postnatal yoga sessions allow you to practice at a time that suits you best in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment. Each practice is completely personalized to ensure that you are gently guided in the right direction for your particular needs, body type, fitness level and personal goals.

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy can be an inspiring, emotional, and sometimes physically challenging experience. Prenatal yoga is designed to increase a pregnant woman’s energy and stamina while enhancing her changing body’s strength and flexibility; our prenatal yoga sessions offer safe exercises that strengthen the body and relax the mind in preparation for childbirth.

We focus on stretching postures and strength-building exercises with modifications to help expecting mothers adapt to changes that occur during each trimester. Appropriate for women in various stages of pregnancy, from first to third trimester, private prenatal yoga also helps develop concentration and focus to aid during labor and delivery.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Provides gentle, safe practice for pregnant women
Increases flexibility and overall muscle tone
Develops mental focus
Builds endurance
Reduces stress
Encourages awareness for conscious pregnancy, birth and parenting
Soothes the discomforts of pregnancy
Increases lung capacity for better breathing
Strengthens the body’s physical, mental, and emotional preparation for labor and birth
The evidence is growing
that yoga practice is a
relatively low-risk,
high-yield approach
to improving overall health.
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Yoga for Fertility

Trying to conceive is among the most exciting times in our lives, filled with hope and exciting plans for the future. But as many women know all too well, trying to conceive can also be a time of great stress and anxiety with pressure that steadily increases month after month.

The tension that comes with trying to achieve pregnancy has consequences of its own. “Fertility frustration” triggers the release of stress hormones, which in turn have a negative impact on reproductive balance and the ability to conceive.

Yoga can help to restore your reproductive balance and counter the effects of stress in a way that encourages successful conception. In fact, studies have found that just 10 weeks of yoga resulted in increased conception rates.


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Research: Yoga for Fertility

Studies are confirming the link between stress reduction and increased conception rates. One study by Harvard researcher Alice Domar PhD showed that 55% of infertility patients who participated in her mind body program for a 10-week period (which included yoga and meditation) conceived, compared to 20% in the control group when tested after one year. (1,2)

Mind body techniques such as yoga have also been shown to improve in vitro fertilization success rates by lowering stress hormones. In a behavioral study of 151 women undergoing IVF, birth rates were 93% higher for women with the lowest stress and depression levels. (3) Conversely, high stress rates were shown to diminish IVF success rates. (4)

The most powerful impact
of a regular yoga practice
on a woman’s fertility is the
calming, restorative effect
on the mind and body.
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 Postnatal Yoga

Yoga may be the last thing on your mind after giving birth, but a guided private practice can speed your recovery, reconnect your mind and body, and even battle postpartum depression.

The days and weeks following childbirth can be difficult for new moms. You may be recovering from a C-section or an episiotomy in addition to the inherent physical exhaustion of labor. Your abdominal muscles have stretched to inches within their limits and now need to regain their strength and pre-pregnancy shape, your back and hips may feel tight and inflexible, and you may even feel psychologically detached from your body—a stranger to the new you.

Our postnatal yoga sessions are designed to strengthen your body, give you energy, and help you relax and meet the unique challenges that come with being a new mom. We specifically focus on rebuilding strength in the abdomen, back and pelvic muscles; releasing tension in the shoulders and neck; and opening the chest. The personalized approach of our private postnatal yoga instructors also addresses other common issues and concerns that may arise in this new chapter of life.

It is important to check with your doctor or midwife before starting any exercise. Here are the general guidelines:

  • Mothers recovering from Cesarean delivery should wait at least 6-10 weeks
  • Mothers that are recovering from vaginal birth should wait 4-6 weeks

New moms are welcome to have their babies at the sessions!

A regular yoga practice builds body awareness and increases mindfulness – an effective tool for weight loss.
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Prenatal and Postnatal Personal Training

Pregnancy is not a time for weight loss goals, but instead, healthy weight gain goals with the forward focus on postpartum weight loss. If you are pregnant, postnatal, or plan to become pregnant, staying fit is extremely important. Our certified personal trainers will safely and effectively help you meet the challenges of pregnancy. Women naturally gain weight during pregnancy; many gradually lose it afterwards, but some women find it difficult to lose this additional weight. Specifically, the average woman will gain between 25 and 30 pounds during her pregnancy, and many women gain upwards of 50 pounds. Keeping your weight gain in check can be difficult, but with the help of a personal trainer you can maintain optimal fitness throughout the trimesters and beyond. Your personal trainer will modify exercise for you and tailor a program to meet your specific needs. Together you will decide what feels best for you at each stage of your pregnancy and beyond. We’ll help you enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy and quicker postpartum recovery while preparing your body for the biggest workout yet.
Working with an in-home personal trainer successfully addresses the top 3 issues preventing adults from achieving their fitness goals: procrastination, lack of discipline, and not knowing what to do.
Department of Labor survey
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