Mobile Fitness Overview

Keeping focused on the goal of health and wellness can be a daunting task, but with the expert assistance of a personal trainer from Café Physique, there is nothing you cannot do! Set your sights high and let our professional staff lead you to success by helping to achieve your fitness goals.

With our help you will be able to drop the extra weight, sculpt your body how you want, feel more confident, and obliterate chronic diseases. Many people in and around Atlanta, Georgia have already discovered that our proven methods really work. Join the ranks of the healthy and successful! Contact our team today and get started on your path to better living.

Personal training offers numerous health and wellness benefits.

Lose pounds and inches
Improve self-esteem
Sculpt and tone body
Enhance goal-setting & accountability
Reduce body fat
Increase energy
Boost strength
Prevent cardiovascular diseases
“Too busy or not enough time”
is the #1 excuse for not working out.
In-home personal training is convenient
and makes exercise more accessible
and less time-consuming.
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In the past, only famous Hollywood stars could even fathom having a personal trainer, but times have changed. When it comes to personal training, Café Physique offers in-home fitness sessions, yoga & pilates instruction, prenatal personal training, and postpartum fitness programs. Now everyone who is committed to a healthier lifestyle can have access to and benefit from a trainer.

  • Reduce body fat & gain strength
  • Get rid of cellulite and “love handles”
  • Prepare for a special event (i.e. wedding, reunion)
Children & Teens

  • Prepare for upcoming sports season
  • Build self-esteem & confidence
  • Combat sedentary behavior (i.e. T.V., video games, computer)

  • Reverse muscle and bone loss
  • Reduce incidence of injury
  • Manage overall health

  • Lose post-pregnancy weight
  • Increase flexibility and muscle tone
  • Reduce stress & build endurance for pregnancy, birth, and parenting

In-home Personal Training


In-home personal training offers a safe and effective way for you to reach your fitness goals in a private, non-threatening environment.


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Yoga & Pilates Sessions


Café Physique yoga and Pilates trainers are devoted to creating a fun challenging experience in the most soothing and convenient environment – your own home.


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Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness


Our private prenatal, fertility and postnatal yoga sessions allow you to practice at a time that suits you best in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment.


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