Prenatal & Postnatal Nutrition

Our prenatal dietitians and nutritionists work with expecting mothers to provide optimal nutrition during the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-childbirth periods.

The importance of nutrition in pregnancy cannot be overstated. Often when a woman becomes pregnant, or is trying to get pregnant, she develops a new perspective on her health. For most this means a new or renewed interest in nutrition and healthy food choices. Some women are afraid their diet is insufficient and worry it might affect their baby. Others simply want to do everything in their power to have an easy pregnancy and a normal infant. All are valid concerns and are addressed during our prenatal and postnatal nutrition programs.

Personalized Nutrition Support

Pregnant women often do not get the recommended nutrients for a variety of reasons. First, the typical American diet doesn’t contain enough iron and folic acid to meet the needs of pregnant women. Second, some women fear excess weight gain for cosmetic reasons and limit their food intake during pregnancy. Third, nausea and appetite loss can prevent women from eating enough. All soon-to-be mothers can benefit from personalized nutrition support with registered dietitians, particularly those who are older than 35, have had previous pregnancies, are expecting a multiple birth or are vegan.
Our prenatal nutrition program includes an analysis of mother’s current diet, guidance on recommended diet changes if necessary, a review of expected weight gain for the mother, and a discussion of common diet questions regarding consumption of fish, caffeine, and alcohol. If the mother is at risk for gestational diabetes or has already been diagnosed, guidelines will be established to help maintain blood glucose control.
We also work with new mothers on optimal nutrition for breastfeeding and post childbirth health and diet. The postpartum period is a time of dramatic emotional and physical change for the new mother, and whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, we encourage new mothers to take good care themselves. Our postnatal nutrition program helps new mothers take control of their weight after delivery and focuses on how to work healthful eating into their new lifestyle.
Fitness and nutrition coaching helps women manage their weight and prevent health problems during pregnancy and reduce weight retention after having a baby.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
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