Delicious & Healthy Game Day Food

Delicious & Healthy Game Day Food

It’s almost time for the most highly watched television event of the year, and part of the culture includes over-eating and indulging on delicious snack foods. But just because everyone else is bringing cupcakes and cookies, doesn’t mean you can’t also include some nutritious and delicious snacks to accompany them. With a few clever tricks, you won’t even have to mention that the snacks you brought are “healthy”. Check out some healthy game day recipes below:


There’s nothing more satisfying than a steaming plate of freshly baked nachos. Surprisingly, a great platter of nachos has the potential to include some seriously healthy toppings. The trick here is to start with a layer of carefully chosen chips. See what options are available at your local health food store and go from there. Choose varieties that are low in sodium, made with whole grains or multi grains, even chips that are made with vegetables.

On an aluminum foiled baking sheet, layer the chips with a light sprinkle of cheeses (Monterey Jack and Pepper Jack make great choices for nachos). Keep in mind that packaged cheese contain additives like stabilizers. Go for the bricks of cheese and grate them yourself. Smaller pieces melt quicker and will fall easier into the crevices.

Other healthy toppings include refried beans, black beans, or grilled chicken or tofu. Layer these on and stick your nachos into the oven until everything melts together.

While the toppings are nice and hot, add cold toppings like fresh guacamole, chopped tomatoes, avocado, fresh salsa, jalapenos, chickpeas, diced onions, and cilantro. Squeeze fresh lime over top and serve immediately for best results!

Fruit and Dark Chocolate

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fruit that is made even more amazing with the addition of a little chocolate. Melted dark chocolate for dipping or drizzling makes fruit fun and delicious. Strawberries, raspberries, orange slices, apples, raspberries… whatever is available at the store.

Are you rooting for the Seahawks? Kiwi, honeydew, and green grapes mixed with blackberries, blueberries, and purple grapes. For the Pats, go with strawberries, raspberries, blood oranges, cherries, pomegranate seeds, blackberries, blueberries, and purple grapes.


Hummus is filled with tons of healthy protein from the chickpeas – but add avocado and you’ve taken it to nutritional overload. Black bean dip is another great recipe to try for something different. Even try making a healthy fruit dip to fulfill the cravings for sweets. The trick again here, is to choose healthier options for dippers. Pick out veggie chips, low sodium, or actual fruits and veggies for party-goers to enjoy.

Written by Amber O’Neal

Amber O'Neal

With over 12 years of professional health and wellness experience, Amber is well-respected by her peers in the fitness and nutrition community. In addition to speaking to corporate and community audiences, she is a freelance fitness and nutrition writer and media expert who has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Marie Claire, and Heart & Soul. Her television appearances include CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates as well as the NBC Nightly News.